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Rudolfi Artists offers several kinds of mechanically reproduced music from which to choose:

Disc Jockeys
Our spinners will perform the Master of Ceremony function to the degree you desire. Our DJ Packages start with one 'spinner' and can add up to seven people for enhanced entertainment values:


A new item last year was renting out some really cool looking, large jukeboxes for lower budget events at a rate much less than a live DJ. 

These are six feet tall, 3 feet wide and two feet deep. The Jukebox works well for employee events, pre-wed. rehearsal dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, and for events needing a wide variety of music.

Either model can be rented for up to 8 hours including deliv/pickup. These boxes hold 2000 tunes spanning the 1940's-1990's eras. They also accept 4 custom burned 80 min. client CDs day of the event. They come with two small 12" cube external floor speakers and a microphone for announcements.  A new approach! 

Retro - Disco Model

Nostalgia Model
Karaoke Systems
All three kinds of Karaoke units listed below are 'state of the art' systems equivalent to the $7000 machines one finds in public night clubs. Rental includes 2 speakers, 2 corded microphones, a video monitor on a stand (for the lyrics), and paper request forms with 'golf pencils'.

Prices include delivery, set up/testing, and pickup after the party.
  1. A live DJ who also provides Karaoke: "DJ/KJ"
    This is useful when the party will have some 'sing-along' to the CD music tracks but will also require a live spinner to play general music and take requests for dancing and do some MC functions. The library system they use is #2 below.

  2. Super Karaoke — just the equipment — no spinner on site.
    4500 digitized songs loaded into a hard drive unit (no CD's). Guests come up and push buttons on the machine to select from a directory and then sing along.

  3. Basic Karaoke — just the equipment.
    2000 songs using CD's, a paper catalogue and manually placing CD into the player for each selection.