Listed below are the concerns often expressed when selecting event music.
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Q: Why use a Music Agent?
A: Hiring a band directly exposes you, the client, to liability from accident, because most bands do not carry Liability Insurance. The Rudolfi Music Agency carries a $2 million dollar blanket policy for all bands booked, indemnifying you and the site against all claims. Most sites, hotels etc., require liability insurance today.

Rudolfi Artists bring you the best live performers in a wide variety of music categories saving you time and money. My expertise will quickly guide you to the best choices in a category without the distractions of inferior or inappropriate music. This agency auditions bands to meet high standards. Obtaining materials from multiple suppliers is a slower process with unpredictable quality. We also guarantee a band's appearance on your date. Rare individual substitutions due to illness are coordinated together with the client.

Knowing band availability and live performance dates speeds you to a final selection of this 'one of  a kind' purchase. Most bands discount their rates to brokers because we offer them a volume of bookings throughout the year. And by offering you music for different parts of the same event,
The Rudolfi Music Agency can provide discounted price packages, e.g., ceremony & reception music; cocktail and dinner music, music over a span of days, etc.

Q: What are the pros & cons of a Disc Jockey vs. Live Band?

A: A DJ is less expensive than a live band, takes up less space, plays music in the original sound track and has an unlimited library of tunes. This is useful in some circumstances. For other kinds of events while live bands with four or more people cost more than one DJ, you are also adding an exciting visual element seeing the music performed. There is much more guest interaction with the instrumentalists and singers than with a single DJ. A great band recreating the original tunes also adds an element of unique interpretation. This can refresh old material. In four hours one can hear only about 50 tunes. This means that a versatile band with dozens of selections in multiple categories can play more than enough repertoire. Bands will also learn and chart special requests. On band breaks one can play custom burned CDs to fill in any perceived gaps in band song lists.

Q: How far in advance must I select the event music?

A: For dance bands with a particular singer, you are safest at 6-8 months out. These bands are 'one-of-a-kind' and the more popular ones book often in prime seasons: Summer and Fall for weddings, December for corporate. For the classical ensembles or world music when duplicates exist, 1-2 months is acceptable.

Q: Can music preview materials be mailed or must I visit your office?

A: All materials, CDs, photos, tune lists, band bios, videos & DVD's (where available) can be mailed to you. Simply return them when you're finished. For many performers and groups, we email Hyperlinks for instant sampling.

Our turn-around is typically 24 hours from your initial call or email until you receive materials. Because I always enjoy meeting prospective clients, my office includes a spacious studio in which to preview music materials. Meeting times are Monday-Saturday, both days and evenings.

Q: Is there an office visit charge?

A: This one hour preview service is completely free.

Q: Can I see/hear the musicians live before choosing them from preview materials?
A: This is usually only important for the dance bands. We will try to find you a public performance date but this may not be scheduled soon enough before the band gets selected by another client.

Q: Are the CD samples the same sound as the band that shows up on the event date?

A: At this agency we feel ethically bound to ensure that this is the case. With very minor variations in personnel what you hear is what you get.

Q: May I talk to the performers or band leader prior to the event?
A: At this agency we make every effort to facilitate this direct communication about your music needs: repertoire, manner of presentation, time lines, etc.

Q: Do the musicians hired require food, beverages, a gratuity, or special sales taxes?
A: For assignments of 2 hours or less, no vendor meals required. For longer events, most performers will request a beverage and light food on one of their fifteen-minute breaks, or before they start (for the larger 7-16 piece bands, contract riders often specify this). Your caterer or site manager often refer to this as a "staff meal" at some nominal charge to you. This requirement is because the performer is away from home for a long period of time: 2 hours driving round trip + loading in and out time + performance time.

A sales tax is not required. A performer's gratuity is entirely optional.

Q: When is money due?
A: After you make your music choice, you will receive a contract from my agency requesting a 50% deposit payment by check 7-10 days from receipt. Balance is due for weddings within the week before your event. You may post-date your final payment to the day after your event.

Q: How many musicians are in a quartet?
A: Believe it or not, we've actually been asked this question!

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