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The Hang Drum

The newly developed Hang Drum has 9-tones, is made of steel, and employs hand and finger techniques allowing a player to evoke tones that suggest gamelan, steel pan, guitar, and harp.

The Hang Drum is a sophisticated tuning matrix with 9 clear tones on the top, and flipped over it doubles as an Udu-type pot drum.

Hang means "hand" in the Burnese language. It was developed by instrument builders Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Bern, Switzerland. It was the result of many years of research on the steelpan and the study of the diverse collection of instruments from around the world, such as Gongs, Gamelan, Ghatam, drums, and bells. The Hang resembles a flying saucer, and the sounds are really out of this world!

EVI - The Electronic Valve Instrument
The Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) is a fascinating musical instrument that has trumpet fingering, a 7 octave range, and extraordinary expressive capabilities accessed through the breath …allowing a player ultimate control with the limitless tonal palate available through virtual and hardware sound modules. The player’s tones and melodic lines can range from symphonic to jazz, rock, and world influences.

Plus: Keyboards, Kora (African Harp), Bass Guitar, Drum Pads


Hang Drum and Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI)

Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) with Guitars:

EVI and Kora (African Harp):